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Job Description

Headquarters: NYC / Remote

Our video call infrastructure runs on WebRTC, MediaSoup, ffmpeg, and TensorFlow. As we scale up, we are looking for smart, creative, talented, experienced engineers to both develop new functionality, and enhance robustness.

Our application tech stack includes Vue.js / Node.js / Redis / WebSockets for real-time collaboration; MySQL for a source of truth; and some other tools and services around text-understanding and image processing in Python.

You are: a well-rounded engineer willing to dive into all layers of the system, with an inclination for the media parts. You have probably dug around in webrtc-internals, spent real time in the ffmpeg docs, and maybe done some audio/video processing with some stack that used Fortran or some sort of numeric computing underneath.

What you'll be doing:

  • Improve scalability and robustness of our WebRTC / SFU infrastructure
  • Improve call quality in low-bandwidth / variable network conditions
  • Develop and integrate improved noise/echo-cancellation and other audio filters
  • Develop enhanced privacy and encryption capabilities
  • Develop and improve real-time video processing/filtering in the browser

What we'd like to see:

  • Experience at scale with streaming media of one sort or another
  • Working knowledge of landscape of WebRTC APIs and browser implementations
  • Experience/interest in SFUs like MediaSoup / Jitsi / Kurento
  • Proficiency transcoding video with ffmpeg or GStreamer
  • Experience/interest in image filtering
  • Experience/interest in audio processing
  • Experience/interest in machine learning with tensorflow, numpy, etc

To apply:

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